• CleanTasker – Revolutionizing Cleaning Industry Operations with Innovative Technology

CleanTasker - Revolutionizing Cleaning Industry Operations with Innovative Technology - Australian based Custom Software Development & IT Services


CleanTasker addresses contemporary challenges within the cleaning industry by providing an efficient solution for managing workflows and tasks. This mobile app and management system ensure the timely execution of special cleans and periodic tasks through seamless communication, GPS tracking, and automated cleaning feedback from the field. 


Cleaning companies encounter significant challenges in managing cleaners, particularly those working odd hours and facing language barriers. With late-night shifts and varying English literacy skills, operational management struggles to liaise with cleaners and Area Managers, leading to difficulties in quality control. 


Recognizing the industry’s pain points, a commercial cleaning company partnered with Crennotech to develop CleanTasker—a customized mobile application and management dashboard portal. This solution aims to streamline workforce management, enhance task management, and provide real-time communication capabilities for the cleaning industry. 

Key Features of CleanTasker:

  • Seamless Task Management: CleanTasker ensures efficient management of daily tasks, special cleans, and periodic tasks. 

  • GPS Tracking: Enables location monitoring for enhanced visibility into cleaner activities. 

  • Facility Requests: The platform’s capability to facilitate the reporting of issues encountered in the field, enabling swift resolution. 

  • Commodity Orders: Streamline operations by conveniently placing commodity orders, including cleaning solutions, directly from the app while on the job, enhancing overall operational efficiency.  

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Provides detailed reports, alerts, and analytics for professional cleaner management. 

  • Innovative Check-In Functionality: Validates employee clock-ins to ensure accurate work hours. 

  • Messaging and Reminder System: Facilitates communication between managers and cleaners, ensuring task completion within designated time frames. 


Crennotech introduced an innovative check-in functionality within CleanTasker, validating employee clock-ins and contributing to accurate time tracking. The robust messaging and reminder system allows managers to ensure cleaners spend the required time on-site, enhancing task completion efficiency. 

Technology Stack:

  • Microservices Architecture: Leveraging a modern architecture published in the Azure cloud for scalability and cost-effectiveness. 

  • Mobile Application Development: Flutter and hybrid mobile app technology for a swift go-to-market approach. 

  • Backend Development: .Net Core, MS SQL Server for robust backend infrastructure. 

  • User Interface: React for an intuitive and responsive user interface. 


CleanTasker emerges as a comprehensive solution for the cleaning industry, addressing challenges related to workforce management, task execution, and communication. The implementation of CleanTasker has streamlined operations, enhanced quality control, and provided a range of capabilities that set it apart from other cleaning management software solutions. 

Client Testimonial:

“The innovative features introduced by Crennotech, especially the check-in functionality, have significantly improved our operations. CleanTasker has not only streamlined our task management but has also provided us with valuable insights through its reporting and analytics features.” 

CleanTasker stands as a testament to Crennotech’s commitment to innovation and its ability to tailor technology solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses within the cleaning industry.Clean Tasker 


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