• Seamless SCORM-Compliant Learning Management Setup using Open-Source Moodle Platform

Seamless SCORM-Compliant Learning Management Setup using Open-Source Moodle Platform - Australian based Custom Software Development & IT Services


Crennotech collaborated with a prominent client in the Incentive Marketing industry, specializing in providing turnkey employee reward and recognition programs to leading organizations in Australia. The client sought a Scorm-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) that seamlessly integrated with their internal system to track results for incentivizing employees who completed courses.


The client faced the challenge of finding a Scorm-compliant LMS that not only met their requirements but also integrated seamlessly with their internal systems. Commercial Scorm-compliant LMS systems came with high subscription costs and prolonged implementation timelines, leading the client to explore cost-effective alternatives.


Crennotech identified Moodle, an open-source LMS system that was Scorm-compliant. The challenge was to set up Moodle with a single sign-on for a seamless experience and establish a mechanism to bring completed results back into the internal system for tracking and incentivizing. Recognizing that off-the-shelf solutions were unavailable, and consultants charged considerable time and money for integration, Crennotech took on the challenge and delivered a solution that tightly integrated with the client’s internal platforms. The successful implementation of this cost-effective solution became a source of pride for Crennotech.

Technology Stack:

  • LMS Platform: Moodle

  • Web Development: PHP, Asp.Net

  • Database Management: SQL Server

  • Server Environment: Windows Server

Client Feedback:

The client expressed extreme satisfaction with the solution, highlighting its smooth operation over the past five years without incurring subscription overheads. The tailored integration system provided by Crennotech not only made the client’s system Scorm-compliant but also significantly enhanced operational efficiency.


The implementation of the integration system by Crennotech not only resolved the client’s challenge of achieving Scorm compliance but also brought about a notable improvement in operational efficiency. The client has been running the solution smoothly for five years, avoiding subscription costs associated with commercial LMS platforms.

This case study showcases how Crennotech’s innovative approach and expertise in leveraging open-source solutions can lead to cost-effective and seamless integration, providing long-term benefits and operational efficiency improvements for clients in the dynamic field of Incentive Marketing.


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