• Streamlining Operations for Horan & Bird and Juice Energy with Crennotech’s Custom Integration Solution to connect Insightly, Simpro, SolarPlus and Workato systems

Streamlining Operations for Horan & Bird and Juice Energy with Crennotech's Custom Integration Solution to connect Insightly, Simpro, SolarPlus and Workato systems - Australian based Custom Software Development & IT Services

Client Overview:

Horan & Bird specializes in providing everyday energy solutions, focusing on solar installations, energy storage, lighting, and demand management solutions. Juice Capital, affiliated with Juice Energy, specializes in funding, owning, and operating Commercial Solar PV Systems, boasting expertise in solar finance and project development. 


Horan & Bird and Juice Energy faced a challenge with their Sales, CRM, Operational, and Service platforms, each set up using different SaaS systems, namely Simpro, Insightly CRM, and Solar Plus. The lack of full integration among these systems, due to limitations in their out-of-the-box API capabilities, hindered seamless workflow management. Despite attempts to use Zapier for workflow automation, the desired outcomes remained elusive. 


Crennotech stepped in and developed a tailored integration application that seamlessly connects Simpro, Insightly CRM, and Solar Plus, effectively handling all necessary automations. This custom integration significantly reduced manual data transfers from Insightly to Simpro for the Operations team at Horan & Bird. Initially implementing over 100 integration points, Crennotech later introduced Workato, migrating most automations into it and setting up new integrations directly within the platform. Currently, Workato processes more than 20,000 requests, resulting in substantial time savings for the team, who can now focus on more strategic tasks. 

Technology Stack:

  • .Net Core 
  • Workato 
  • Microsoft Azure (Cloud Services) 
  • Azure Functions 
  • Simpro 
  • Insightly 
  • Solar Plus

Client Feedback:

Alexander Kinross Rowe, CTO at Juice Energy, expressed satisfaction with Crennotech’s automation solutions, stating, “Crennotech’s automations have helped our sales and operations team save significant time in manually entering data into multiple systems. It has paved the way to add other automations, enabling our wider team to operate more efficiently.” 

This case study highlights Crennotech’s ability to address complex integration challenges, enhance operational efficiency, and provide scalable solutions for businesses in the energy sector. 


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