• Supercare Property Services – Transforming Operations with Innovative Enterprise Application

Supercare Property Services - Transforming Operations with Innovative Enterprise Application - Australian based Custom Software Development & IT Services

Client Overview:

Established in 2000, Supercare Property Services has become a leading provider of cleaning services catering to Commercial, Pharmaceutical, Educational, Aged and Health Care, and Manufacturing sectors. With a robust presence, the company currently serves over 420 clients spanning Australia and New Zealand.


Recognizing the need for a streamlined approach to manage field workers’ time sheets and task assignments, Supercare sought a comprehensive management system. The aim was to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs while catering to a diverse range of sectors.


In 2017, Supercare partnered with Crennotech to develop an innovative enterprise application. The resulting Supercare app is a trailblazing solution featuring a user-friendly interface, a robust management portal, and an advanced clock-in and facility request system. This strategic collaboration has yielded substantial benefits for Supercare, particularly in terms of cost reduction and operational efficiency.

Key Features of the Supercare App:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The app’s intuitive design ensures ease of use for cleaners, contractors, and Area Managers.

  • Management Portal: A centralized portal facilitates seamless task management, enabling efficient coordination among teams.

  • Cutting-Edge Clock-In System: The application incorporates an advanced clock-in system for accurate time tracking and attendance management.

  • Facility Request System: Users can submit facility requests through the app, streamlining communication and issue resolution.


Crennotech introduced an innovative check-in functionality within CleanTasker, validating employee clock-ins and contributing to accurate time tracking. The robust messaging and reminder system allows managers to ensure cleaners spend the required time on-site, enhancing task completion efficiency. 

Technology Stack:

  • Mobile App Development: Native iOS (Swift) and Android technologies

  • Back-End: .Net Core

  • Cloud Deployment: Azure Cloud


The successful implementation of the Supercare app has significantly enhanced the overall operational efficiency of the company. By leveraging the latest technologies and a well-thought-out design, the application serves as a powerful tool for cleaners, contractors, and Area Managers alike. This transformation has not only streamlined task management but has also contributed to a substantial reduction in operational costs for Supercare.

Client Testimonial:

“Crennotech played a pivotal role in developing Supercare’s enterprise mobile app. The innovative solution they provided has not only streamlined our operations but has also significantly contributed to cost savings. We appreciate their expertise and commitment to delivering a solution that aligns perfectly with our business needs.”

This case study underscores the success of the collaboration between Supercare Property Services and Crennotech in revolutionizing property services management within the cleaning industry.


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