• Talk5 – Revolutionizing Safety Audits with Voice Recognition Technology

Talk5 - Revolutionizing Safety Audits with Voice Recognition Technology - Australian based Custom Software Development & IT Services


Talk5 stands out as a groundbreaking safety platform designed specifically for field workers to conduct audits and checklists using Voice Recognition Technology. Unlike traditional solutions such as Safety Culture, Talk5 employs innovative voice command functionality, enabling users to articulate responses seamlessly, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the questionnaire completion process.


The client sought to implement a voice recognition-enabled compliance system for construction and manufacturing field workers to complete safety checklists hands-free. The challenge was to create a workable prototype within a short timeframe and with a minimal budget to secure investment funding.


Crennotech embraced the challenge and surpassed expectations by delivering more than just a workable prototype. An app was developed for field workers to complete safety checklists hands-free, accompanied by a management portal for admin staff to set up, allocate, and schedule checklists. A proficient team of engineers and Business Analysts collaborated to introduce innovative features, including:

  • Issue Reporting: Facilitates swift issue reporting for prompt resolution.

  • Field Worker Chat: A dedicated chat functionality streamlining communication among field workers.

  • Site Clock-Ins: Enables site attendance tracking for enhanced accountability.

  • Site Documentations: A centralized repository for crucial site-related documents.

  • Field Worker License Registrations & Validations: Manages and verifies licenses held by field workers for compliance and competence.

  • Training Integration: Incorporates training modules to enhance field workers’ skills and knowledge.

  • Licence Wallet: Safely stores licenses and certificates required for field operations, facilitating presentation to authorities.


The incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), plays a pivotal role in Talk5’s continuous evolution, offering a superior user experience and robust functionalities.

Technology Stack:

  • Microservices Architecture: Leveraging a modern architecture published in the Azure cloud for scalability and cost-effectiveness.

  • Mobile Application Development: Native iOS (Swift) and Android.

  • Backend Development: .Net Core, MS SQL Server for robust backend infrastructure.

  • Cloud Deployment: Azure Cloud, Google Cloud and Firebase

  • User Interface: VueJS for an intuitive and responsive user interface.


Talk5 has received accolades, winning awards from the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA), NSW & VIC Safe Work Bodies, and BGIS for its innovation and efficiency. Crennotech’s commitment to harnessing advanced technology and fostering collaboration has resulted in the continuous enhancement of the Talk5 platform, ultimately empowering field workers across diverse industries.

Working on Talk5 exemplifies Crennotech’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating solutions that not only address client needs but also make a significant impact on safety practices and efficiency in various industries.


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