• Transforming Reporting Efficiency for Ultimate Security with Crennotech

Transforming Reporting Efficiency for Ultimate Security with Crennotech - Australian based Custom Software Development & IT Services


Ultimate Security, a distinguished Australian security firm with a legacy spanning over 30 years, specializes in providing comprehensive security solutions to a diverse clientele, including corporate, commercial, government, and domestic sectors. With expertise in electronic security, guard services, and alarm monitoring, Ultimate Security excels in tracking capabilities but faced challenges in robust reporting. 


Ultimate Security encountered a significant hurdle in their monitoring system. Although it boasted a vast database of alarm monitoring events, alerts, and patrolling attendance, it fell short in delivering robust reporting functionalities. The team found themselves spending countless hours manually building reports for clients, often grappling with Excel files’ limitations and struggling to meet client requests. The software vendor provided a substantial quote for the necessary reporting enhancements. 


In response to this challenge, Crennotech collaborated with Ultimate Security to develop a customized reporting system tailored precisely to their needs. This solution came at a fraction of the cost quoted by the original software vendor. Crennotech’s innovative approach introduced a self-serve module within the reporting system, empowering Ultimate Security to independently generate and schedule reports. This not only resulted in significant cost savings but also translated to substantial time efficiencies by eliminating manual data extraction. 

Technology Stack:

  • Backend Development: .Net Core 

  • Database Management: SQL Server 

Client Feedback:

Anh Phan, IT Manager at Ultimate Security, expressed satisfaction with the solution, stating, “The report module that Kiran helped us to build works smoothly without any issue. Kiran is very professional, and his help was really appreciated. The assistance and support we received were excellent.” 


The implementation of the tailored reporting system provided by Crennotech not only addressed Ultimate Security’s reporting challenges but also significantly improved operational efficiency. The self-serve module empowered the team to effortlessly generate and schedule reports, eliminating the need for manual data extraction and freeing up valuable time. The cost-effective solution showcased the impact of technology innovation on optimizing business processes. 

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Ultimate Security and Crennotech, showcasing how a tailored reporting system can transform operational efficiency and meet the unique needs of security service providers in the digital age. 



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